Programs of the Individual Faculties

International guests are welcome at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. For students and interested persons, who can only visit us for a short period of time, we offer the following Summer School program. Further courses will be added continuously.

DateSummer SchoolFaculties
07/1-19 International Summer School German (and) Theology
Postgraduate students and young international scholars are invited to attend this three week summer school as an opportunity for theologians (even with hitherto little knowledge of German) to immerse into language, thought, and the intellectual world of German theology.
Faculty 01: Catholic and Protestant Theology
04/1-5 Summer School on Advanced Econometrics
From April 1st until April 5th the JGU Summer School 2019 on Advanced Econometrics took place. The distinguished Prof. Jeffrey Wooldridge (Michigan State University) - author of several prominent textbooks on Econometrics - gave lectures on topics such as Multinomial Response Models or Attrition problems. More than 60 PhD students, post-docs and full professors from European and African universities and research institutions joined the event, which has been organized by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Schank and Manuel Denzer of the Chair of Applied Statistics & Econometrics.
Faculty 03: Law, Management and Economics
06/20-23 Narrative Medicine
The effective care of the sick requires singular knowledge of the patient, competence and commitment of the physician. The Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies at Mainz and the Columbia University in New York City offer a 3-day workshop where participants can develop narrative competences based on the perception of literature, film and the arts to nourish effective patient-clinician relationships. The physician and graphic writer Dr. Ian Williams from England presented his form of Graphic Medicine and his published volume „The Bad Doctor“.
Faculty 05: Philosophy and Philology
05/18 - 06/2Get Across Borders (Glasgow, UK)
The “Get Across Borders“ program is the result of an intensive cooperation of Johannes Gutenberg University and its Scottish partner universities. The program provides both Scottish and German students the opportunity to do an internship lasting several weeks or even months in the other country.
Faculty 05: Philosophy and Philology
02 - 09 International Summer School Germersheim (ISG)
Die Internationale Sommerschule Germersheim organisiert Sommerkurse für Studierende und Graduierte der Übersetzungs- und Dolmetschwissenschaft. B2/C1-Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache sind Voraussetzung. Umfangreiches Rahmenprogramm inklusive.
Faculty 06: Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Cultural Studies
09Interdisciplinary Summer School of Musicology and Ancient Studies Mainz (2018)
The third Summer School in Mainz approaches the topic of ancient myths influencing the arts from an interdisciplinary perspective by combining methodologies from musicology and the field of ancient and classical studies, focusing on the operas of Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714–1787).
Faculty 07: History and Cultural Studies
10/08-11International Summer School (ISS) 2019: Reflections on Code
The annual "International Summer School" (ISS) of the MA program "Digital Methods in the Humanities and Cultural Sciences" jointly conducted by the Johannes Gutenberg-University and the University of Applied Sciences Mainz aims to build up expertise on foundational concepts, methods and tools used in the field of Digital Humanities. In 2019, a special focus will be put on the critical reflection of data, methods and algorithms.
Faculty 07: History and Cultural Studies
07/26 - 08/6Forster Summer School
In the year of the 250th birthday of the great world discoverer Alexander von Humboldt, this year's Forster Summer School focused on his work in the individual disciplines of the department. Many impulse lectures were rounded off by a varied fringe events.
Faculty 09: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geosciences
08/12 - 09/20 International Summer School on Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability
The International Summer School on “Gene Regulation, Epigenetics and Genome Stability” (ISS) is a 6 week program for outstanding international students. It is coordinated by the Institute of Molecular Biology Mainz (IMB). Participants acquire excellent theoretical and practical skills through lectures, courses and by working on a research project at the cutting-edge of science.
Faculty 10: Biology
09/30 - 10/04 cecam Summer School 2019 on Applied mathematics and machine learning perspectives on Big Data Problems in Computational Sciences
This summer school aims at presenting and comparing various approaches that address these challenges, highlighting the differences and possible synergies between the quite different viewpoints on their mathematical and computational limitations. In practical and hands-on sessions, we will focus on specific mathematical and computational issues that arise in the context of biophysical and biomedical applications while also introducing several new open-source tools that can be used in a variety of ways.
Faculty 10: Biology
08/15 - 08/25Gutenberg Sound Art Academy (GUSAC)
Gutenberg Sound Art Academy focuses on the phenomenon of sound art – the fusion of the visual and fine arts with music and sound. With exhibitions, discussion panels, lectures, and participants from all over the world, Gutenberg Sound Art Academy transformed Johannes Gutenberg University’s campus into a museum of sound art for the duration of the program.
Mainz School of Music