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You might have a lot of questions in mind when planning your participation and stay for the International German Language School. We compiled an FAQ for you to find answers to your questions. If some of your questions might not be answered, please feel free to contact us at summer@uni-mainz.de.

I’m interested in your program, and I want to know more! How can I receive Information?
Can I join the International German Language School if I am not a student at any of JGU’s partner universities? Of course. Students from all universities around the world are eligible to participate in the International Summer School of JGU Mainz.
What language are the courses taught in? The course language is dependent on the respective levels. The A1-A2 courses are mostly taught in English, while all courses from B1 upwards are taught primarily in German.
How long are the courses? All information about the length, costs, and achievable ECTS points of the courses can be found here:
How are the language courses organized? Language classes take place in the mornings, Monday – Friday. Lunch break is usually followed by seminars or field trips in the afternoon. The evenings are usually free.
You can find an example of the International Summer School schedule here:
Do you offer any scholarships or discounts? Yes, there is a scholarship offered by the Santander Open Academy for nominees of JGU partner universities.
All relevant information concerning requirements, application, amount, and terms and conditions can be found here:
Am I automatically insured if I get sick during the summer school? Unfortunately, you won’t be automatically insured and you will have to purchase an insurance for the duration of your stay. Further information and suggestions regarding insurances can be found here:
How much money should students budget for meals during the International German Language School? You will be eligible to eat in the canteen of JGU Mainz and will have to expect expenses of 10 - 20 EUR per day for your meals, depending on your needs.
When is the best time to arrive and to depart? You should arrive one day prior to the start of the International German Language School at the latest.
If you choose to rent a room in one of the dormitories, you will be renting from August 1st, and may arrive on that day as well.
You may arrange your return journey or further travels after the official certificate ceremony which takes place on the last day of the International German Language School.
Can I arrive later or earlier than the official arrival day of the program?

Yes, you may arrive earlier than the official arrival day of the program. However, if you plan to arrive before August 1st, you will need to arrange additional accommodation, as the rental period in the dormitory does not start until the beginning of August.

If you plan on acquiring ECTS points with the International German Language School, you should avoid arriving after the official arrival day of the program, as absences may conflict with the awarding of ECTS points.

Do I need to purchase text books in advance? No. All textbooks will be purchased by our team of the International Summer School beforehand and will be distributed on the day of the first language class.
Do I need any specific equipment for the courses? You only need traditional learning materials for the classes. There is no technical equipment required to participate.
Are there any sport courses or other offers that I can participate in, as part of the International German Language School? As participants of the International German Language School, you are eligible to participate in courses of the Allgemeiner Hochschulsport (AHS) of JGU Mainz. You may find an overview of the offered courses here:
(Take note, though, that the number of offered courses may be limited, as the International German Language School takes place in the semester holidays of JGU Mainz.)
What can I expect in terms of the weather in August, in Mainz? Here are some pointers about what to expect and prepare for, regarding the weather in Germany:

  • While the summer days may get very hot and sunny, the evenings and nights can get quite chilly, during summer in Germany. You should prepare a light jacket or sweater.
  • While we hope for three sunny weeks, there can be heavy rain during summers in Germany. As some of our excursion take place outside. you should bring a raincoat and/or an umbrella for your stay.
What do I need to know about living in Mainz? You can find general information about the city of Mainz as well as an app for exploring Mainz here:
Am I allowed to travel during the weekends? Of course, you are allowed to travel during the weekends. As there is the possibility of field trips taking place on some of the weekends, you should check the dates on your schedule if you are planning to travel.
The schedules of the International Summer School will be handed out on the first day of classes.
Where can I find further information about studying in Germany/Mainz? Further information about studying in Mainz/Germany can be found here:
How do I apply? You can register here:
Where are the admission requirements? In order to participate in the International German Language School you need to be:

  • At least 18 years old at the start of the summer school
  • Officially enrolled at a university (The proof need to be sent during the application process)
How do I pay for the course? After the registration deadline, you will receive an invoice from us with the course fee. The invoice must be paid by bank transfer within two weeks.
I need an invitation letter. How do I get one? When registering, you will need to specify whether you need a visa to travel to Germany. If you do require a visa, you will receive an invitation letter from JGU Mainz after the payment of the course fee.
What happens if I decide to withdraw from the course after it has been paid for? Information about the consequences of withdrawing from the International German Language School may be found here, under cancellation of the seminar registration:
How can I arrange accommodation for my stay in Mainz? Information on accommodation in Mainz, rent, how to apply for accommodation, and an overview of Mainz student dormitories can be found here:
Do I need to pay for transport within Mainz? Yes, there is no ticket for public transportation included in the course fee.
You may purchase a Deutschland-ticket, which will enable you to take most forms of public transportation for the month of your stay.
Information on the cost as well as ways to purchase the Deutschland-ticket can be found here:
Is internet access provided or do I need to buy a device? Internet access in the room depends on the assigned dormitory. You should inquire about that while applying for a room.
To be on the safe side, you should bring a LAN-cable, so you may connect your Notebook.
What do I need to bring? You should prepare the following things for your stay in Germany:

  • Passport, health insurance, as well as the confirmation letter of International Summer School Mainz
  • Prescription medicine / prescriptions (only if applicable)
  • Clothes (summer clothes, walking shoes, raincoat/umbrella, warm clothes for the evening)
  • I.T. Devices (if personally needed)
  • Adaptor/converter for electrical plugs (Germanys electricity runs on 230V and electrical plugs are different to plugs in American, African, or Asian countries. You can find information about which adaptor/converter is required for your country easily on the internet)
  • Towels