Summer School Programs of our Faculties

Photo: © Dogara Ishaya Manomi

Summer School Programs of our Faculties
Besides the International German Language School, the individual faculties of Johannes Gutenberg University offer their courses with a thematic focus ranging from Statistics and Theology to Music and Geology. These courses are open for international students and academics with specific research interests. Our faculty course offers are listed here.

Participating in one of our courses can have a profound impact on your academic career. In 2016, Dogara Ishaya Manomi came to Mainz in order to participate in a Summer School offered by one of Johannes Gutenberg University's faculties. Today he is a doctoral candidate at JGU:
“The Summer School “German (and) Theology" at the University of Mainz has played a significant and foundational role in my academic development. I fondly refer to the summer school experience as my "initiation" or "baptism" into the German language, academics, and culture, because it introduced me not only to German academic language and thought-pattern using primary sources, but German culture at large. This has widened my academic scope and the materials I could access for my doctoral studies and the rest of my academic journey. I still use the learning materials from the Summer School. I also appreciate the useful contacts and networks we made at the Summer School with other young scholars from different parts of the world.”
Dogara Ishaya Manomi, October 2019