Programs of the Individual Faculties

International guests are welcome at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. For students and others who are interested in a short-term program, we offer the following Summer School programs.

DateSummer SchoolFaculties 
06/28 - 07/16International Summer School German (and) Theology
Program of Summer School in 2021
Postgraduate students and young international scholars are invited to attend this three week summer school as an opportunity for theologians (even with hitherto little knowledge of German) to immerse into language, thought, and the intellectual world of German theology.
Faculty 01: Catholic and Protestant Theology
07/16 - 07/26Forster Summer School
The Forster Summer School 2020 will focus on Otto Hahn and his discovery of nuclear fission. In addition to a language course, the participants in the city of Frankfurt am Main will follow in Otto Hahn's footsteps, visit a nuclear reactor and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with high-ranking scientists.
Faculty 09: Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Geosciences